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The Priscilla Travel Yoga Mat with Microcrystal Technology

The Priscilla Travel Yoga Mat with Microcrystal Technology


Dimensions: L 183cm x W 68cm x D 1mm

Weight Approx: 1.3kg

This fabulous all-in-one yoga mat and towel has an ultra-absorbent microfibre suede surface that wicks away moisture. Next-generation microcrystal technology ensures an excellent grip, making this mat perfect for all of your outdoor yoga and workout escapades!
A perfect travel companion, this mat will easily fold into your suitcase and comes in a biodegradable travel pouch.
With a fully biodegradable base made from 100% natural rubber, this mat is heat-sealed and uses eco-friendly, water-based inks, ensuring it’s toxin-free.
With a selection of eye-catching, fashion-inspired designs, not only does this yoga mat feel luxurious to the touch it will also give you serious style credentials in the studio!
The beautiful box will make this mat the perfect gift for your workout or yoga obsessed friends and family!
To clean: Hand wash with a small amount of soap and water, hang to air dry

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